What's this?

This is a toy live coding environment: programs run immediately as they are typed.

Pick something from the "Demos" menu or try the tutorials.

Want more info? See the intro or the docs

Want to hack this? Grab the source code!


Your browser doesn't seem to support 3D acceleration.

You'll still have fun, but you really want to try to get the 3D party going in your browser.

(psst! - it's worth it!).


Your browser doesn't seem to support audio.

Be a champion and try a newer browser.

(while you are at it, pick one that supports 3D such as Chrome or Firefox).


You've unlocked the "I borked the sound system" badge!

This sometime happens when playing lots of music.

Just re-start the browser to get everything back to normal.

(We know it's fun, we do this all the time, it's OK).